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Monday December 15, 2014 at Tuscawilla Country Club

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This tournament was founded to honor Jimmy G. Hodgskin, Jr. and his fellow brothers and sisters of war; those before him, those after him, those serving now and for all our heroes who have fallen in the service of this great nation. --www.thankyouveteransgolf.com

Sandy and I are extremely proud to present to our heroes the 12 annual thankyouveteransgolf.com tournament to be held December 15 2014, at the illustrious Tuscawilla Country Club owned and managed by Integrity Management Corp., a brilliant group of people who "get it" and understand our US military heroes. I congratulate them, one and all!

Sandi & I are so grateful to have, once again, Brio Tuscan Grille of Winter Park, managed and positioned in such a wonderful dedication to our heroes by James Cartee, General Manager. James's philosophy is "our heroes have served us royally & while Americans know their loyalty, we know it has always been time for us to serve them." Their breakfast and lunch is probably one of the greatest experiences that Sandy and I, our guests, and our heroes have ever witnessed. Their food is above and beyond reproach. So many "Thank You" Veterans dine at Brio Tuscan Grille, Winter Park. James offers great menu pricing to our Military!! A true American dynasty when it comes to respect! Thanks James!

Don & Sandi Hodgskin welcome you to YOUR 2014 Thank You Veterans Golf Tournament. More information will be provided very soon. PLEASE SIGN UP!


Don & Sandi Hodgskin

Event Founders – With tremendous pride and conviction!
We Never, Ever, Ever Forget.

CALL: 407-468-3055
EMAIL: don@thankyouveteransgolf.com

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